November 12, 2011

Sicilian Treasures-Salt Flats-Mothia-Trapani

There are places in Sicily i adore returning to. The salt flats are probably one of my favorites. We were lucky enough to get a picture perfect day as we left Menfi heading to the East Coast to leave. It is a magical place even when the salt is not out drying covered in the clay tiles, but it is so beautiful to see the salt crystals in such huge quantities. Hard to fathom the work that goes into making salt in the traditional manor.

Join me next year in Sicily, I have already got private tours booked in May and Sept.
I will also be booking in November again next year for the olive oil harvest as well. If you have a small group of friends we can arrange anytime of the year, if you would like to join an organized tour I will be posting dates in January.

I will also be arranging a special "chefs" tour for culinary professionals.
Food and wine celebrating life and culture.

I adore sharing my friends and my special places with you----

Sicily is like coming home.


  1. And we adore your sharing!

  2. wow ! very nice blog, great pictures and interesting short discription thanks for sharing