November 5, 2011

What's Going On?

WOW- this month has been wild and crazy, so much so that I have not have time to myself to blog.

The weather has been incredible- creating views like this in Florence. It has been fun and fabulous.

I just got back from a week touring with a chef from NY tour and get inspired for his new place by touring Rome, Florence, Chianti and then down to Naples.

We had a fabulous demo on mozzarella making in Agerola with the Fusco family.

I came home yesterday and am leaving for my weeklong Sicily program tomorrow.  Can't wait.
I will be looking for a place to teach next year. Stay tuned.

I will catch up later!


  1. Love that picture of the home of my ancestors!

  2. Kathy-- I should take a foto of Fiano for you!

  3. SO looking forward to the details! Buon viaggio.

  4. p.s. What's your favorite way of doing the cipolle di Certaldo? Got some marvelous ones at the farmers' market in Piazza della Repubblica yesterday.

  5. love the mozzarella shot...and, of course, the cheese...

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