January 23, 2012

Passion for Pizza- BONCI

i couldn't help myself--- when I saw there was another session with Gabrielle Bonci in  Rome for pizza workshop- I had to go again!

Larger than life-- with a heart as big as a mountain and a passion for his dough like no other.

He talks so fast and is so full of great ideas that really one needs to take the class twice to have it all soak in. This session some friends  came with me  and we had our own little corner.

kim, andrea, me and terry

The reason we came to class was to learn the secrets of the perfect pizza dough-- for the roman style pizza al taglio from the master himself. With only three ingredients, they must all be of the highest quality. Gabriele told us of the  "trinity" flour, water and yeast. But truly the secret ingredient is TIME.

Time to let the dough develop. 

I usually hate pizza as it sits in my stomach for days after. That is the result of people rushing dough.

my dough after 12 hour rising

We used flour from Mulino Marino, Bonci's favorite, but where ever you are he suggested a stone ground organic flour for the best results.

inspired pizza toppings- so untraditional

With 14 students in the class, we made a ton of dough which then turned into a ton of pizza's, plus Gabriele had already also prepared a lot of dough to demonstrate different preparations with the dough, we even baked a whole chicken, a boneless rolled stuffed rabbit and whole artichokes.



whole artichokes roasted in dough

Between classes we did a morning market tour and lunch with Elizabeth  Minchilli author of the great food APPS EAT ROME and EAT FLORENCE. We had  a great day!

Our pizza crusts were like palettes for an artistic creation! Not only lovely to look at but made with fabulous seasonal ingredients- how can you go wrong!

Next, back to practicing my dough and will write-up my home experiments.

here is a link from one of the other classes I took with Bonci and another link.

My friend elizabeth did a video too from the first class we took together, which has the recipe if you want to try this at home.


  1. Love those pizzas. Now I am hungry.

  2. thanks-- day started off badly with a note from a reader how boring my blog post was-- that was my blog just about me and my friends--- no recipes?

    AHHHHH - can't please everyone--

    What was fabulous was the creative use of vegetables with the pizzas. I adore the one topped with the incredible salad on ricotta cheese... like open faced sandwiches! beautiful and flavorful.

  3. It was great seeing you in Rome. What fantastic photos. You have to come down more often, it's so close and so easy. And about that comment....when you have interesting friends like Bonci, Kim, Terry and me, I think that more than justifies you blogging about us! :)

  4. Well, Judy, I love reading about your adventures - recipes or no! :)

    (However, I certainly wouldn't mind learning more about those artichokes roasted in the dough - wow that sounds intriguing!)

  5. Love your recipes, love your stories, love your photos.

  6. So yummy! I miss Italy. I wonder if my aunt and cousin know about this workshop. will have to ask them next time I talk to them. They live in Rome. I just found your blog recently and love reading about the food! Will be waiting to see how your experiments are going. My husband has been planning how he wants to make our outdoor pizza oven for years...it's so expensive and we have had a million other things to do to the house! Would love to hear how you like to eat Radicchio Treviso. This was my first year growing and forcing them. So far I have grilled it with EVOO salt and pepper, then balsamic, garlic, parsley, basil, and rosemary after it comes off. But my favorite is still fresh in a salad with my other radicchio! Will be trying Puntarelle next season!

  7. @kris- the artichokes were cleaned like for carciofi alla romana-- artichokes roman style--- and seasoned with EVO, garlic and parsley-- ( mint would have been nice too) and salt. then wrapped in dough and baked!

    think i will try it and let you know on the blog- was lovely-

    @amber the classes where at Tricolore a sandwich shop in monti area with classes at night. Bonci owns pizzarium pizza al taglio with incredible toppings-

  8. Great photos and ideas.
    No boring blog posts, just boring people reading them, and just maybe, a tiny bit jealous.
    Why shouldn't it be about you and your friends, it's your life and blog. I enjoyed the tour, thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow - does that ever look like fun. And thanks for the tip about Elizabeth's videos. This fellow Gabriele is really quite a character - larger than life, as they say. He was just featured on Anthony Bourdain's "The Layover" about Rome. I envy you all the time you spent in his class. I must get to work in my own kitchen. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. "I really like some of your posts…will bookmark your blog."

  11. SO glad to found your delicious blog! We love your recipes and your lovely stories.
    J & C

  12. Judy, you are right about TIME being the key element. I finally figured that out when I tried a new focaccia recipe. Not only does time improve the texture of the dough and make it lighter, it also gives it a much more rich and complex flavor. Can't wait to try this place next time I'm in Rome. Grazie!

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  14. He talks so fast and is so full of great ideas that really one needs to take the class twice to have it all soak in. This session some friends came with me and we had our own little corner.