April 10, 2012

Home again - Tuscany

red tuscan poppies

I left Tuscany with blossoms ready to bloom and came back to full-on spring in my own garden. Now to get back into the kitchen and start creating and preserving.

borage blossoms, you can eat them and also the leaves

flowering thyme
first pea pods are starting to form

We also just removed the saffron bulbs from the ground.We will separate the bulbs and replant in fall when we finish harvesting the tomatoes.

the dry saffron bulbs- waiting for fall

This is my favorite time of year, as winter's drab colors fall away and the hills fill with various shades of green, covering the hill like velvet.

We are expecting some rain, which is much needed, but not so good for fotographs.

I am heading down to the weekly market tomorrow and can't wait to shop and get back in my kitchen and cook up some spring treasures!

Stay tuned!


  1. 'We are expecting some rain, which is much needed, but not so good for fotographs.'
    I had to pipe up here and say, sometimes rain is great for photography. It gives you a nice even light, and things sparkle with rain drops. I really recommend trying it :-)
    I didn't know about saffron bulbs. Much appreciated, thank you.

  2. @DI- rain can be nice-- but right now the flat grey light is not so nice! I have some nice after rain shots! reflections etc..... got a new camera and can't wait to play! would love to do a workshop!!!

  3. Ben tornata! SPECTACULAR photos! Thank you SOOOOO much. Finally going to Garga (via San Zanobi) tomorrow. Will drop your name! :)

  4. It's still a bit gray and drizzly here in Istanbul. We had a wonderful weekend and then spring disappeared again. Hopefully, we'll see some more blossoms like you are soon.

  5. You are inspiring me with your garden. Thanks!

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  7. We still had winter veggies in our garden last weekend: cabbage, cavolo nero, cicoria and bieta. Not sure how much spring planting we can do, due to the severe drought. It's pretty bad in Umbria.