April 25, 2012

Keeping Kitchen- Artichokes part 2

Once you have let the artichokes sit overnight in vinegar, remove them and let them sit for a day to drain, upside down, on a plate.

When they are dry, place then in a jar and cover with olive oil.

It's important to leave the open to remove any air in the jars. Hit the jars against the table several times and using a knife or fork, press down on the artichokes to remove any air bubbles.

Once the jars have "rested" to remove any air, you can cover them and store then until ready to eat.

They are too acidic to eat right away, so save them for at least 3 months and the vinegar and oil blend.
The crisp artichoke hearts are really a surprise for everyone and worth making!

Wait until they are at the end of the season and cheap and your Keeping Kitchen Pantry will be so happy!


  1. Those look beautiful! At 3$ and artichoke... I don't see me doing that in Alabama.
    They are first on my ciao/chow list!

    1. Sandy- these are tiny baby chokes-- not the huge ones-- usually you can get these in bags at trader joe's!

  2. I am loving Keeping Kitchen. First it is the coolest name, and second your posts are beautiful as well as informative. They are so clear and straightforward, I find them to be real confidence builders. There is something so accessible about your writing and approach. La Divina rocks!

  3. I made a batch of these last night, and I have one question for you. I made sure to get all of the air bubbles out, but do I need to store them in the fridge, or can I store them in the closet?


  4. @erik- in your pantry! the vinegar preserves them!

  5. There are only three things which make life worth living: to be writing a tolerably good book, to be in a dinner party of six, and to be traveling south with someone whom your conscience permits you to love.

  6. Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!