July 14, 2012

Mangia Fagioli

Florentines are know as bean-eater's, mangia fagioli. I am still not sure if it is supposed to be a offensive name or a compliment.

I was vegetarian for about 7 years and still eat mostly vegetables, but now you can find me at a tripe stand or a butcher's restaurant when I want meat.  I am amazed daily at the quality of ingredients here.

Today at the Saturday Market, I saw some fresh cannellini beans and had to have some!

With beans you can create so many different recipes.

I am thinking about summer recipes now like a tuna and bean salad or the twice cooked beans served with sausage.

Try this simple recipe even with dried beans.

Fagioli all'olio
Beans cooked with oil

Cover the beans with cold water.
Add a sage branch and an garlic clove, peeled.
Drizzle with about 4 tbs of extra virgin olive oil.

Slow cook until done.

My fresh beans took a little over an hour.
Normally, you need to soak your beans over night.
Rinse off and procede with the same cooking method.

Older beans will take more water to cook.

I like to cook a lot of beans and then freeze the leftovers.

A simple recipe which is an all-time favorite of mine is to simply serve the beans on Fettunta, Tuscan garlic bread.

Toast or grill a slice of country-style bread.

my tuscan toaster-- stovetop

Rub with raw garlic.

Place on plate and top with the beans.

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top and a nice grinding of black pepper.

If you serve this in a bowl, with the bean broth poured on top, it is called Zuppa Frantoiana.


yesterday I saw these Borlotti beans at the market-- wish I had picked them up too!


  1. OMGOSH!
    You made these simple ingredients look DIVINE! Was thrilled to see these beans in their pods, too!

  2. yesterday at the market saw cranberry beans-- wish i had gotten those too! think i will put that foto on blog too! thanks for reminding me

  3. I am not so much of a "bean" fan but I think your post just turned me into one ~ Looks delicious and so easy to make ~ I should definitely start taking advantage of the markets in Treviso :)

  4. Karen Epstein Roseth7:00 PM

    No fresh beans here. :(

  5. I second the Canadian Foodie - among your many gifts is your ability to make all this look so simple. Thanks.

  6. Fabulous colors and textures! The bean recipes look amazing. Thanks, as always, for sharing with your world of friends.

  7. No better way to enjoy beans. Simple and beautiful and tasting of what they are!

  8. Anonymous1:12 PM

    The Zuppa Frantoiana "simply" delisious!