July 12, 2012

Mercantia- Certaldo

Summer means festivals all over Italy. In my village of Certaldo we have a huge arts festival. Street artists, musicians, crafts and more. This year there was a spectacular show on dancer's on the wall of the city. Breath-taking


This is just a really small taste of what goes on here! There are street artists with shows all over town and a street fair open to the public down in the main square of town and in the streets. Food and wine are available for sale. Lovely crafts and a good time.

I always go on Wednesday the first night as it gets insanely crazed on the weekend!

This year is the 25th year of Mercantia.


  1. Coco Pazzo8:32 AM

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. So much talent & so much fun.
    -- Coco Pazzo

  2. Such a wonderful glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing with all your friends and all your friends of friends around the world!

  3. Your wonderful blog has inspired my daughter and me to visit the Mercantia while we are traveling this year. We are having difficulty finding acommodations (perhaps predictably?), and I wondered if you could give us some advice. We are not renting a car, so we would like to stay close to or in the village of Certaldo.
    Thank you !