July 31, 2012

Summer treats - Granita di Cocomero

I can't get enough of watermelon while it is in season. Mostly I just eat slices-- it is the perfect fruit, even with the seeds. No seedless watermelon here.

Watermelon has two Italian names, cocomero or anguria.

When I have time, I like to make a watermelon granita. Simple and fun.

I learned how to make watermelon granita in Sicily, the "seeds" are mini-chocolate chips.

My friend David Lebovitz turned it into a popsicle.

Next up, I want to make a watermelon salad with habanero and red onion, the feta watermelon salad also sounds perfect for summer supper.

Do you have some special watermelon recipe?
I can't wait to try some new recipes.

There are still a few days to leave a comment on my Party post to win.


  1. When I visited my family in Sicily we had watermelon granita for breakfast every morning! It was such a treat.

  2. tracey1:39 PM

    We eat a lot of watermelon at my house,such a great summertime treat.When we little we would go to my Nonna's house and she would always have watermelon ready for us,and always with a sprinkling of sea salt(she said it made it a little juicier,and just a little sweeter.)Having grown up in an Italian family,we wasted nothing,and in the summer,we would pickle the watermelon rind, or even do a summertime ghiardiniera,with the watermelon rind,celery,zucchini,peppers,fennel,and whole garlic cloves,(this was always so delicious on a hot summer day with a loaf of country bread and wedge of hard cheese)we make watermelon aqua fresca,and watermelon popsicles,and now we are surely going to make this granita,I love the mini chocolate chips very awesome idea,very creative and another layer of flavor.

  3. Well, isn't watermelon just the ultimate Summertime treat. And granita sounds wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Try this! It's one of my absolute favorite salads :)


  5. Mmmm :) Found your blog today and I'm reading through it all:) I really admire your work- keep it up, I will be coming back:)
    As for the watermelon salad, I know I'm a tad out of season, but you can try my version here:
    with ginger and lemon/lime juice and feta cheese.
    Maybe next year I will take your class? :)