September 14, 2012

Ortygia- Sicily

Just a short blog to let you know about our special evening----- to end our magical stay here.

There are some places that take your breathe away, Ortygia is one of those places

We stayed in the Hotel Algila' on the east coast of the island, away from the crowds.

We used it as a base to tour Modica and Noto and also did a small tour of the historic center with a lovely guide, Lucia.

The best way to see any island is by sea, so we took a boat ride around the island and to see the caves. MAGICAL

For our last evening we had spotted what looked like a very lovely spot right in the main square of Ortygia.

Our view from dinner at the Regina Lucia restaurant. Rumors have been flying around that it was bought and restored by Dolce e Gabbana or by Giorgio Armani... NO.

Our charming waiter is on the left and the owner on the right.

We ADORE beng spoiled!

Lucky us-- we got a tour of the restored borgia palace where they hold special events too!
Click on this link and then click on the foto gallery to see how it looks for events--- a dream come true!

If you want to book an event here--- or just see more foto's of the At Borgia del Casale

Sweet dreams---- of Sicily! 


  1. I can see why you would fall in love Judi

  2. I need to get back there. Maybe one day with you, Judy!

  3. It is magical indeed... Lovely photos! :)

  4. What a beautiful place! I want to go there!!! Ah, my Sicilian roots are calling me! xo

  5. What a lovely place! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Simply DIVINA, Diva-style! What wonderful eye candy of all sorts! Thank you, Judy.

  7. nice to see your pictures of my beloved Ortigia. It was really a great pleasure to guide you at the sunset in this magic place and really happy to have met you.
    I hope to see you soon for your next trips around Sicily
    Un abbraccio

    ps grazie!

  8. Wow, I hadn't seen the palace since it was restored. It looks completely different! Amazing.