September 6, 2012

Wednesday Market in Certaldo

There is nothing I love more than  a market day! I live in Certaldo where we have the large market on Wednesday and a small market just a few food trucks, on Saturday. Where I teach, in Colle Val D'Elsa, the huge market day is on Friday. That pretty much covers it for me.

With my students, we do mostly as I do in my life. We shop together and then create our menu for the day based on what is in season. Makes life simple and never boring.

I have my vegetable vendor's daughter Erica as my assistant for my classes with is a double pleasure as she can also bring me things from their farm daily. What a blessing.

A simple classic Italian recipe for broad beans is always a favorite.
In my cookbook I have the recipe for Mangiatutto from Stefano Conti's mamma, Germana.
What's funny is if I return and as for the ingredients to make her recipe, sometimes she gives me carrots too, which are fabulous in the recipe, but not in the original recipe she gave me!
Mamma's are like that.

This is a typical recipe with very few GREAT ingredients.

We sauteed a red onion,which is a specialty of Certaldo, in a little olive oil.Then we add in the cleaned beans cut into smaller pieces and we chopped the heirloom tomatoes into large pieces and tossed in the pan.
Lightly salt and then cover and let steam, stirring occasionally.

You will feel like you are channeling your inner Italian!


  1. Sounds fresh and tasty Judy.

  2. Well, doesn't that sound like just the veg dish for me. And I am with you about what happens to those beans with a nice long serious cooking time. After all, should you really need a knife & fork to eat your beans?! Compliments also on some great photo editing.

  3. Great! Add crusty bread and a glass of Pinot Grigio and you can linger for a while.

  4. Chuck Santon6:17 AM

    The romano beans are in season here in Seattle. This is the perfect recipe. I have been using another, very similar that uses canned tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes will be a better fit, I bet! And, yes, Rosaria, crusty bread to sop up the liquid. Wonderful. I like these with Regaliali bianco from Sicilia.

  5. YUM - I haven't seen broad beans around here for years (my uncle, who hailed from Naples, used to grow them). You're lucky to have that assistant who can bring you the best of the local produce.

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