November 25, 2012

Sweden in Italy

I love seeing dreams come true.

My friends Guiliana and Marco wanted to open a Swedish Brasserie. They asked me to help them work on recipes and consult on the project. Things all fell into place. I found them a young fabulous Swedish chef, Mattias Sjöblom. He is supervising the menu and creates the new seasonal dishes.

Bjork - Swedish Brasserie opened in September.

This week we had a cooking demo with the chefs  for journalists and bloggers. It was my first visit to the restaurant since it was finished and opened. What a treat to see the dream become reality.

my friend Giuliana and the symbol for Bjork, which means Birch in Swedish

We learned how to prepare salmon in several ways. The traditional gravlax, a slow cooked salmon steak and we used the smoker to smoke some salmon and sausages, which were then cooked. Our tastings were served with Swedish acquavit and beer.

I loved this presentation for an appetizer, a swedish cheese served on toasted bread with Cloudberries and a pickled onion.

The meatballs were light and the sauce fabulous.

The house Gravlax with micro greens salad and mustard sauce

That evening we had a sort of smörgeasbord tasting of many of the typical swedish dishes on the menu.

left, chef Mattias ,Bjorks culinary consultant and on the right, Bjork's  chef Julien , doing a smoking lesson for us

leave room for dessert, rosehip soup, chocolate almond cake and wine cooked apple with meringue

If you are up around Aosta, Bjork is located in Quart at the Hotel Village. So you can stop by, have a fabulous dinner, drink and stay overnight, touring the area the next day.

Open for lunch and dinner.

Bjork - Swedish Brasserie
località Torrent de Maillod, 3
11020 Quart (Aosta)
+ 39 0165 774912 telefono

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  1. A lovely introduction to Swedish food. Thank you!
    Any chance Giuliana will start a blog where she'll share more yummy recipes?