January 2, 2013

2013- Bring It On!

Ok- I am so ready to be done with 2012----- and move on. It has been a really tough couple of years since my mom died, family problems and being so far away.

This year is 25 years I have been teaching cooking in Italy and I am ready to celebrate.

We had a calm and quiet New Year's here in the countryside.

They say what you do on New Year's sets the pace for the whole year. We were comfy and peaceful and quiet. We set our own pace, did not overdo and relaxed.


I spent time cooking for us, which is a treat. I made English Muffins and Bagels, trying once again for the perfect recipe using Italian ingredients. Not there yet, but good enough for us!

I made Gravlax, using dried chives as we don't have dill. I will try to plant some dill next year.

My bagels were good, but not perfect. I think I need to buy flour from my baker as the grocery store brands don't have enough gluten. I don't bake bread that often, so don't want to store a huge sack of flour here at home.

Same problem with my English muffins, not quite as I would like them. Need to save up old tuna cans and try the wetter dough to get more airholes inside. Love those nooks and crannies!

I am heading home for a month and will be teaching some classes as well. Next post will have my calendar and hope to see you at one of the events.

I am also dreaming about the wonderful tortellini we made in class, pre-xmas with my students.

I love cooking as much as I love teaching people to cook.
I adore exploring and learning new recipes to share.
For me, cooking is therapy.
Time in the kitchen spent preparing nourishing food, fun food, simple plates is spaghetti for a quick meal. What is important is taking the time. As my mother-in-law taught me, spend more time shopping and less time cooking.  It is work to find the perfect canned tomato, pasta you love and your favorite butcher. But once you have, you food will be fabulous!

I am looking forward to my time in the Bay Area, discovering the weekly markets again and being inspired by the new artisans.

Let me know if there is someone I should not miss!
I will be in San Francisco Bay Area from Jan 16-Feb 12 and then in Seattle from Feb 12-16 and then heading to Oregon, Eugene and Bend, flying back to Tuscany on the 23.


Wishing everyone a wonderful, stressfree, peaceful and healthy 2013

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