January 3, 2013

Edible Florence- Sabatino's {san frediano}

When I first arrived in Florence, in October of 1984, there was no internet.  No way of instantly sharing  information on my new life here.

One kept a diary.

When I finally had access to internet, I opened my website and put together a dining guide for Florence by neighborhoods and also one for Chianti.

Updating the site costs money and now with blogging I can write about things as I think about them.
Now there is a whole new generation of 30 somethings, that like me, came here and may or may not leave, but they are sharing online their discoveries.

I know it is hard to know where to go of all the places there are to choose from, so I thought as i revisit these places, I will post.

Today we went to a Florentine classic, practically where my husband grew up.

San Frediano is in the area referred to as Oltr'Arno  or di la d'arno.

I remember when we first went, it was tiny hole-in-the-wall place. The menu was typed daily and prices were ridiculously low. Things like 3,300 lira for a plate of pasta.

Walking into their "new" location, is like time stopped. Some things have changed.
It is much larger. Dad recently passed away. Prices are now in euro.

Today I ordered the tortellini, but asked for them simply done with butter and parmesan.

This is the kind of trattoria that asks if you want cheese on your pasta and puts it on in the kitchen!

My husband and friend had the tagliatelle with tomato sauce and one with ragu, both large portion sizes.

My husband had Peposo stew, served on a slice of toasted garlic bread, as is traditional.

Our friend and I both had the classic Rost-bif, roast beef, with potatoes.

Desserts vary and always are classics! Today they had marinated cherries, something typical for the holidays. I had the Semolino and Ganache Crostata and my husband had his personal favorite, which is almost always on the menu, Mille foglie.

Another friend had three plates of vegetables, including a raw cabbage salad, like a tuscan coleslaw.

Wine, water, coffee- we paid 14 euro a piece.

This is the kind of place people go to daily if they cannot go home to have lunch.

Hope you can stop by your next trip.

Trattoria Sabatino
Via Pisana, 2R
Closed Monday


  1. I love that the tortellini is 4 euros and 10 cents! did they give you a 10 cent discount because you didn't have sugo?

  2. Thanks, Judy, we love little places like this. Will give it a try when we return to Italy in May. Cheers, Bob

  3. Love this post Judy! While we enjoy high-end places serving inventive food in Italy I find that the places we return to time and again are spots like this!