January 23, 2013

San Francisco- Dim Sum

I spent about 7 years living in downtown San Francisco and probably one of the things I miss most, living in Italy, is being near the sea and the variety of food available.

We had all been at the 10th anniversary celebration of Pam Williams' fabulous online chocolate school. So when I had a chance to arrange a meal for visiting chocolate masters I met through Ecole Chocolate,
Dim Sum brunch on a Sunday was the first thing that came to my mind. I was with one of Italy's best chocolatiers, Paul deBondt and his wife Cecilia Iacobelli and Bart Van Cauwenberghe and Julie Vanborm from Belgium.

The next day we joined my old boss, Jim Dodge and had a fabulous crazy SF experience. We were the only caucasians there for almost the whole meal.  The action was fabulous and was fun to expose people to something I grew up with.

For Dim Sum we went to SF New Asia, which was a HUGE restaurant and totally thrilled the guests. We had a choice of dumplings, shiu mai, steamed buns, ribs, duck, broccoli and assortment of sweets. A nice start for the morning. We had a blast and after our brunch headed down through Chinatown into North Beach.

Jim thought we should visit the new Chocolate Lab, no, not a dog, but Michael Recchiuti's new restaurant in DogPatch.

In the neighborhood, walking from the Chocolate Lab, to tour the workshop, we passed a surprise.
Wineries in San Francisco?  Of course.

What a fun surprise-- Sutton Cellar, winery in Dogpatch. Carl Sutton makes the wine in this space in SF. Also great Vermouth, Vin di Noix and Cider.

We were also lucky to find Carl gave space to a local chef, Joshua Wolder Oakley, Tango and Stache. The daily special was cider pork carnitas in a duck fat tortilla!!!

Then back to Chocolate Lab for a "Snack".

Some of the lovely desserts, but there are also savory foods.  We adored everything. The smore's are not on the menu yet!

Next door  you can shop!

What a morning!!!


  1. What a trip! DROOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

  2. I really enjoyed New Asia when I was in San Francisco!
    Chinatown is such an awesome place to roam around and go tea shop hopping or even bar hopping at night.
    Looks like a fun and delicious time with all that chocolate too.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! It is great to have that variety of foods that San Francisco offers. Some pretty good Italian food, too! I grew up in Oakland, where they also have some pretty good Chinese restaurants, but nothing like SF. I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

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