February 23, 2013

Casa Dolce Casa- heading home to Italy

There are some things  I love about travelling back to the states to teach.

I get my fix of foods I miss in Italy.

I have a blast teaching and meeting people that adore Italy and it is great to meet people that follow my blog or have taken classes with me and return to see me teach again.

Sharing my love for Italy is always a pleasure.

But- there is nowhere like home and home now is Italy!

This year I celebrate 25 years of teaching and almost 29 years of living in Italy.

I want to celebrate.

So stay tuned--  I will have some fabulous programs up and online soon.

Wood burning oven class in Gascony with my soul sister Kate Hill.

Fotography and Food with Nancy Bundt

More Sicily of course and more planned weeks in Tuscany.

Truffle hunting anyone?

Come and celebrate with me
I can't wait!

I can't wait to get back to my house, my kitchen, my hubby and cooking!

I am heading back to the USA for  a conference in April in San Francisco and perhaps travel and teach after-- so looking for  places to teach.


  1. I so wish I could have driven down to Seattle or Oregon for a class. Next time you will need to come into Canada...wink. Vancouver. Enjoy your trip back home. The upcoming year sounds amazing.

  2. have been up to vancouver on a previous tour!!! who knows-- i have lots of friends there...

  3. What a sweet photo. Looks like you had a blast!