February 10, 2013

Divina Cucina on the Road

I adore travelling and teaching off season. This year I have done a class at my friend's home  in Sebastapol and another friends home cooking school in Lafayette.

This week I was hosted by Cavallo Point in Sausalito, a truly fabulous space with great staff.

Next up, heading to Seattle for a class in Bellevue and then at a friends home. The following week I return to Eugene, Oregon and then for the first time to Bend.

I will be returning to Tuscany on the 23rd and then back again to San Francisco for a culinary conference in April.

After the conference, I hope to travel to Southern California for some classes there.

Then let the season open in Italy!

I am pleased to already have several sold out weeks in Sicily this year and am looking forward to my special guest weeks in Tuscany and France.

Stop by my site to catch up on the programs for 2013.

My Tuscan Weeks are available all year long, the other weeklong programs have specific dates.

As much as I enjoy the USA, can't wait to get back home!!!
After 28 years in Italy it is Casa Dolce Casa.... Home Sweet Home!

I have not had steady internet connections and it is killing me. Our lives have changed so much in the past few years, being constantly online that not to have access seems like a lifetime!


  1. Brava, Judy! Sei proprio forte. And we're waiting for you with open arms back here!

  2. I'd love to catch your class in Eugene, a mere three hours from my house! Do you have exact dates?

  3. @rosaria Williams- here was the first posting with links-- http://www.divinacucina-blog.com/2013/01/divina-cucina-on-road-jan-feb-2103.html

  4. Judy, I wish you'd come to NYC, specifically to this place! http://www.casa-belvedere.org/blog/ A cooking class or even a discussion would be fabulous!

  5. @barbara F that looks fabulous!
    are you a member?

  6. I am enjoying reading about your travels, seeing your FB posts and seeing how happy you look in all the fotos. A joy to behold! Keep on having fun, Judy. You bring so much joy to others, you deserve to collect some for yourself, amica.

  7. Hello Judy, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed making and eating the Melanzane Marinate from your Secrets From My Tuscan Kitchen. A friend brought her copy of the book with her on a recent trip to Reno. I drooled all over the book and we decided on very short notice to make the eggplant. We started it marinating in the morning and served it that night. It was absolutely delicious! We served it with a beautiful rib-eye steak and a salad. We used some of the marinating oil in our salad dressing. I could eat this eggplant every day I think and am looking forward to making it again very soon. Thank you!