New chains on the block – BitShares (BTS)

22. November 2018 Aus Von admin

After the surprising rise of BTS to tenth place among crypto currencies, it’s time to take a closer look at BitShares.

Since March, the value of BTS has increased seventy-fold, today alone the value has risen by 64%, bringing BTS into the top ten crypto currencies. Actually I intended to report about Stratis today, but now BTS has pushed in between.

BitShares – decentralized stock exchange with secured Bitcoin profit crypto currencies

BitShares, the system behind Bitcoin profit, is a decentralized platform on which smart contracts can be realized in the area of finance. The platform is actually used in the form of a decentralised exchange, which can be used to trade a wide range of value pairs. Read more about it: Bitcoin Profit Review 2018 » Full Scam Check

Was the correction exaggerated?
FRANKFURT ( n-tv | Schroders ) – The markets seem to be slowly stabilizing again after the strong declines in October. Perhaps the correction to this extent would not have been necessary at all? Friedhelm Tilgen of n-tv is now talking about this with Daniel Lösche of the Schroders fund company.

According to the information provided by the supporters of this platform, it will in principle be possible on this decentralised exchange to realise trading volumes at the level of the NASDAQ.

BitShares wants to create an exchange in which the counterparty risk is excluded and assets which are linked to real values outside the crypto world can be traded. There are then tokens such as bitUSD, which in themselves correspond to the classic crypto currencies, but never fall below one US dollar.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that BitShares is a decentralized autonomous organization: The shareholders determine the future orientation and new products of the financial platform to be developed.

Finally, it is interesting to note that BitShares claims to be capable in principle of processing 100,000 transactions per second – provided that the network is supported accordingly. The platform relies on the delegated proof of stake as a consensus mechanism: so-called elected witnesses, i.e. people authorized by the stakeholders of the network, can generate blocks for the blockchain and receive a remuneration for this, similar to in mining. This election is intended to counteract general centralization, which can also take place through the accumulation of money in the normal proof of stake.

Not only those who support the network by generating blocks will participate in the rewards. A large proportion will be used to reward referrals, i.e. to acquire new customers. All these rewards are based on the transaction fees in the network; no new coins are generated.

Bitcoin profit – The Gas of BitShares

Here we can talk about the review of BTS by onlinebetrug. Ultimately, this is the internal crypto currency of Bitcoin profit, which is used to pay the fees mentioned.

BitShares itself would not speak directly of a crypto currency with regard to BTS and would rather speak of a share in its decentralised organisation. This share can be traded like a share and can therefore be volatile. Nevertheless, it should be stressed that BTS is ultimately the basis for all transactions in the BitShares network; both for transaction fees and for the activation of smart contracts, BTS is required as gas.

As the heads behind BitShares themselves say, BTS is very volatile. So we’ll have to see if BTS can stay that high in crypto currencies or even make some profit.

All in all BitShares is much more than the currency BTS and definitely worth a look. If you want to know more about it, please visit the website and the whitepaper.